About Myrtle's Chicken + Beer

Myrtle's Chicken + Beer is coming back to Market Square this fall!

Not just a good meal, but food for the soul. Myrtle’s is a tribute to the heroes of Southern cooking who have created classic comfort food since the 1800s. Like many folks in Southern kitchens over the years, Myrtle’s recipes elevated Southern cooking from simply providing meals for the family, to a culinary art form. Myrtle’s culinary creations are treasured and timeless and have been enjoyed by families for generations. We invite you to savor these classic Southern meals with a local craft beer or a signature cocktail and our genuine Southern hospitality.

Waffle for Myrtles
Drink Myrtles

Restaurant Amenities

Great Food

Patio Seating

Live Music

Craft Cocktails

"I came here with my family and loved the food. Tasty chicken full of flavor and one of the best biscuits we had so far."
- Roberto V.
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